Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

What a sweet blessing for my hunny! Our neighbors have season tickets to Alabama and they took us to the Alabama vs. Ole Miss game in Tuscaloosa! It was a dream come true for Jonathan and he loved it! He was so cute a giddy! Although we left at 830 am Saturday and didn't get home till 3am Sunday, it was so worth it! 

bring on the rain...

the boys

had to have my funnel cake

a little cramped seating

like a kid in a candy store

What a great day for football! Thanks Beards!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Happy First Birthday Lyla June! Continued...

The Birthday girl & her daddy

Lyla & Poppy

Such a sweet picture with Lyla's Great-Grandaddy

Being sweet to her friends who came to her party


Where's Lyla?

Playing with her favorite new toy
{It's what Jonathan & I got her}

Megan's dad made her a beautiful toy chest

Some Extras:

For the kiddos

What a special day! Happy Birthday Lyla June McNeely!

Happy First Birthday Lyla June!

Lyla June turns ONE! She is getting to be such a big girl! I hate that I live 200 miles away from her but love every second I get to be with her! Her mommy threw a beautiful vintage themed party.
 Lyla you are one loved little girl!

Sugar rimmed mason jar glasses

The food spread was phenomenal! 
Megan, her mom, and a lot of busy helpers made all the food. And boy was there some food!
Cake pops to lemon pie shooters to pineapple cakes.. They had it all!

The candy corner..

The sign in table...

The guest book was a picture book of the one and only.

It's cake time!!

In between the picture on the top and the one at the bottom...
My batteries died.
So just imagine what happened in between